We help service businesses deliver a compelling brand message that connects with the right audience and builds advocacy so they can grow a fan club that drives sustained business growth with confidence and efficiency.
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Arteria Brand Strategy


Positions your brand for growth

  • Align Business - Brand focus

  • Customer insight

  • Brand Messages

Arteria Brand Identity design


Brings your brand strategy to life

  • Brand story

  • Visual identity

  • Identity Kit

Arteria Digital Brand Presence


Delivers a seamless, consistent brand experience that builds advocacy

  • Customer Journey Map

  • Content plan

  • Digital kit

Arteria Brand Led marketing services


Communicates a concise, compelling brand message that achieves impact

  • Marketing strategy

  • Communication Plan

  • Brand Kit




As brand led marketing specialists, our services support business owners to reach more of the right customers with a highly targeted and compelling message, saving you time and cost.

We blend customer-centric brand strategy with brand led creative services to crystalise your brand identity, grow market presence impact, and reach more customers to drive sustained business growth.

Time is a valuable business resource. Our signature 4-step process moves quickly to clear brand barriers slowing progress, then provides a road map and tailor-made toolkit to help keep your brand on track and make future brand decisions with speed and confidence.

This approach creates the following ongoing benefits:

  • Communication is aligned to the business goals so you can move with speed and confidence

  • Marketing gains impact with the right audience, saving time and increasing ROI

  • Your target audience gains absolute clarity about what your offer, and how it solves their needs to strengthen your market-place position with a clear, concise USP

  • Brand consistency throughout the customer journey builds trust and advocacy for sustained business growth

Les Mills onboarding document design

We now have a set of tools that feel like us, impress candidates and new starters, express our brand and our expectations, cover us in terms of compliance, H&S, and the nuts and bolts of onboarding.

They infuse our people with excitement about working with us.

They nailed it.”

Anna Lynne - Head of People and Performance, Les Mills


As the connection to customers’ needs and desires, the brand is, in a real sense, the heart and soul of a company. A brand’s ability to communicate in clear and simple terms allows the unique value proposition to be easily understood and embraced.

While brand clarity is crucial to success, it cannot exist in a vacuum. It is inextricably tied to business strategy and the business environment. Our process works to align these business pillars, anchoring the focus to a shared goal. In doing so, the business is better equipped to make the brand decisions that lie ahead. This alignment matters for the bottom line and the future of the company.

Connect with us for more detail on our four-step process where we:

  • Hone your brand promise and give you Focus

  • Build your identity and concrete brand foundation

  • Calibrate your brand for maximum impact 

  • Accelerate your reach to target customers



We help service business owners plan and implement brand led marketing strategically aligned to the business goals and engineered to form powerful customer connections with the right audience so they can gain brand impact, reach and build brand advocacy with confidence and efficiency.

With renewed clarity on who they serve and how their services spark transformational change, our customers are empowered to make future brand decisions with speed and ease. A tailor-made tactical action plan guides them to build a brand that gains marketplace presence, builds trust and advocacy at each customer touch point.

We offer two service structures giving our clients flexibility to select the level of support they need, and resume the journey in the drivers seat of their brand with increased confidence. A team of highly experienced brand and marketing specialists are overseen by arteria's brand strategist, bringing over 20 years experience building brands for businesses internationally to ensure all content created is bench-marked to the business direction and brand vision.

Selecting the service structure that is right for you?


Stuck in a rut or need help to get break through so you can reach new customers urgently?

Sounds like you need the injection of a rapid response project so you can move quickly to bring your brand back on track. Once we've helped get things heading in the right direction, call back on us when you're ready to elevate your marketing or give your brand another boost.

Preparing for growth or expansion and keen to avoid the cost and complexity of building an in-house marketing team?

Our monthly agency support services are the solution for you. Tailor-made to your business, our team of specialists' step into the business to execute critical monthly marketing. Customers of these services amplify brand reach and gain tangible marketing ROI and peace of mind cost predictability.






We bring together brand experience and strategic expertise to build brands that make business growth possible.


To play, press and hold the enter key. To stop, release the enter key.



Natasha Wells


Thanks so much for dropping by to get to know us a bit better.

Here’s a bit of an overview of our brand promise and what drives us to strive for service excellence.

We are solution-focused, collectively working with two critical outcomes in mind

  • grow brands that gain impact with the right audience

  • creation of brand led marketing that delivers ROI results


Achieving these outcomes for our customers is the measure of our success.


Getting the right message in front of the right audience in a marketplace saturated with fast-moving media is a challenging task… and this is where we thrive!!

Each of our specialist brings their own superpower, creating WOW moments, amplifying results and service value for our customers at each step of their journey.

If you are a service business ready to delight customers with a brand that makes them feel at home, builds brand advocates and helps you grow your business we would genuinely love to help.










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